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Let's see our service. We try to make it easy for your trip. We provide strategic and economical lodging suitable for business and leisure

Baratha Hotel & coffee

Jl Saliwiryo Pranowo Gg. Taman 11, pattian, Kutakulon, Bondowoso - Jawa Timur 68.213

Villa Lusy Bromo

Jl raya bromo km31 Nomorc31, 67254 Bromo, Indonesia


Comfortable accommodation will push your enthusiasm to start the journey

Outdoor Gear Store

Need equipment for traveling? Here it is. We have many choices for you

Trekking Guide

Need a trekking guide? Of course we have. Friendly and experienced guides

What's Next?

Do you want to be a part of us? Why not? DJ Trans Group. When they go low we go high!

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Jl. Saliwiryo Pranowo, Kotakulon, Bondowoso, East Java


+6281 358 953 453

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